January 28, 2015

Special Tips how to crack JEXPO 2015 examination | JEXPO Suggestion

For admission on various polytechnic colleges under diploma course the JEXPO-2015 examination will be held on 12th April, 2015. This examination is organised by West Bengal State Council of Technical Education. Here I suggest you some special tips and tricks how to crack JEXPO-2015 examination and score a good rank on JEXPO-2015 examination. Keep reading this article for get suggestive tips to rank on JEXPO exam.

Special Tips how to crack JEXPO-2015 Exam :

• For better score on Polytechnic JEXPO-2015 examination at first read the class text books. Maximum of the questions come from madhyamik syllabus. So read it carefully.

• As this is an MCQ type examination so, read all the chapters very carefully. For physics practice the formula for numerical problems. And for chemistry read the reactions and the procedures. On mathematics, practice is the only way.

• Collect previous year JEXPO question papers for understand the question pattern. This is the examination of 200 marks. 100 marks for Mathematics for 2 hours. And the remaining 100 marks is distributor between Physics and Chemistry by 50 each. For this science paper only 2 hours is allowed.

• On JEXPO examination some questions will come from higher secondary level. Don't worry about these, just read your text book thoroughly and practice some objective question answer books.

• There are many books are available on the market for JEXPO examination, just buy one and practice it. Remember no suggestion will works for this type entrance examination. So read all.

• There is no negative marks for wrong answer on JEXPO-2015 exam. So try to attain the maximum answer on the OMR sheet. Obviously do the correct answer first and then if you have extra time then attain the other answers, which you are not conform.

• For mathematics try to use short method as time is one of the major factor at this type examination. For physics and chemistry before fill the bubble on the omr sheet think carefully as one you marked you cannot change it anymore.

• The last and most important tips is, write you name, role number and enrollment number, question booklet number correctly on the OMR answer sheet. If you do mistake on it your candidature will be canceled.

Follow this rules for JEXPO-2015 examination and read your madhyamik text books. Believe on yourself and go for it. You must do that. Best of luck from the wbexam team. Must post your query and questions on the comment box.
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January 25, 2015

Higher Secondary Biology Suggestion 2015 | WBCHSE Suggestion

West Bengal Higher Secondary examination 2015 will be held on the March. A last minute suggestion is published for High Secondary candidates 2015. WBCHSE Higher Secondary Examination 2015 Biology suggestion.

Higher Secondary 2015 Biology Suggestion.

1. Describe the phases of DNA replication.
2. Describe briefly the histological structure of human ovary with a labelled diagram.
3. Describe transcription process.
4. How malaria transmitted by the mosquitoes ?
5. Discuss the effect of greenhouse gases on the environment.
6. Write the causes of depletion of ozone layer.
7. Importance of Biodiversity conservation.
8. What is Amniocentesis ? State the importance.
9. Importance of tissue culture.
10. Hardy-Weinbrg principle.
11. Describe the structure of nucleosome.
12. What is DPT ? Difference between active and passive immunity.
13. What is Human insulin ?
14. Beta oxidation of fatty acid.
15. What is pleiotropy ?
16. What is SCP ?
17. What is gene pool ?
18. What is cDNA ?
19. Show schematically the food web in a grassland.
20. Explain the concept of Joint Forest Management in the light of Chipko movement. Mention some hazards of radioactive pollutants on human health.
21. Discuss briefly about AIDS.
22. What is 'double fertilization'.
23. Write about cross pollination.
24. What is static hybridization ?
25. Explain any three methods of birth control in human.
26. Concept of multiple allelic inheritance by ABO blood system.
27. What is NACO ?
28. Importance of tissue culture.
29. Difference between B-cell and T-cell.
30. Draw a diagram of a antibody.
31. What is ascariasis ? Describe the transmission if this ascariasis.
32. Show schematically the life cycle of Ascaris lumbricoides.
33. Example of Biological evolution.
34. What is Bt. cotton ?
35. Characteristic features of entomophilous flower.
36. Write about Turner's Syndrome.
37. State the role of microbes in sewage treatment.

This is a short last minute suggest for Higher Secondary (WBCHSE) 2015 examination on Biology subject. Students are advice to read their tet books carefully for better score in the exam. This suggestion is a way out only.

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January 15, 2015

Madhyamik History Suggestion 2015 | WBBSE Suggestion

Madhyamik 2015 examination will coming soon. So, for help the madhyamik 2015 candidates I posts a rough Madhyamik 2015 History suggestion for my friends. This suggestions will helps on your examination. I tried to selected minimum questions on this suggestion. My request read carefully all the topics from your book and then practice this History suggestion. For getting the Madhyamik 2015 History suggestion keep reading.

Some Selected questions for Madhyamik 2015 History subject.

1. What is 'dastak' ?
2. What was the Ryotwari Settlement ?
3. Mention reasons for the rise of Magadha in the sixth century B.C.
4. What is 'Matsyanyaya' in the history of Bengal ?
5. When was the Munich Pact signed ?
6. Who composed the National Anthem of India ?
7. In what way didi the mountain passes of the North West influence the course of Indian history ?
8. How didi synthesis of Hindu-Muslim culture take place in the field of architecture of Sultani period ?
9. Who were Young Bengal ? What were their aim ?
10. What do you understand by the term 'Third World' ?
11. What is meant by Directive Principles in the Indian Constitution ?
12. With what objectives didi the Cabinet Mission arrive in India ?
13. What is the importance of the Alipur Conspiracy Case ?
14. What is the significance of the Sarajevo Murder ?
15. What was the Communal Award ?
16. With what objectives was the Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact signed ?
17. What was Cold War ?
18. Discuss the contributions of Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar as social reformer.
19. Why were Muhammad Bin Tughluq's projects of transfer of capital and currency reforms not successful ?
20. Write a note on the achievements of Dharmapala.
21. What was the position of women in the Vedic Society ?
22. What were the social and economic causes of protest movements of sixth century B.C. ?
23. Write a note about, Chola royal dynasty.
24. What wrest the causes of Babur's victory in the First Battle of Panipath ?
25. Role of Indian Association in national awakening.
26. What is the importance of the movement for Non-alignment ?
27. Discuss the achievements of Chandragupta Maurya and his success history.
28. Causes conflict between Siraj and the English.
29. What battle is more important in the expansion of British empire.
30. What wrest the causes of the peasant revolts during the rule of the company in India ? Name of some tribal revolts.
31. Write the achievement briefly of Chandragupta II.
32. Name two commercial centers of the English in the Western coast of India. Which European power was the main rival of English in India ? What was the final outcome of their contest with the English ?
33. Mentions the causes of the Great Revolt of 1857.
34. Why Gandhiji link the Khiafat Movement with the Non-violent Non-cooperation Movement ? Can the Non-cooperation movement be termed a failure ?
35. What is Two-Nation Theory ?

36. What is the importance of Lahore Session of Muslim League ?
37. Causes of Naval Revolt of 1946 and its importance in National Movement.
38. Write an essay on the development of parliamentary democracy in India.
39. Analyse the causes of First World War.
40. What was the European background of national consciousness in the 19th century ?
41. Discuss the work of the early Congress.
42. Give a brief idea of Revolutionary Movement in Bengal in 1930-decade.
43. Write down the causes of rise of extremist politics in India at the beginning of 20th Century.
44. Brief idea about, Subhas Chandra Bose and Azad-Hind-Fauj.
45. Why is Raja Rammohan Roy called 'the Pioneer of Morden India' ?
46. Economics reforms of Ala-ud-din Khalji.

This is not a complete suggestion for examination. This list is only the importance questions for Madhyamik 2015 examination. Remember, suggestion taking is injurious to examination.

***Download Madhyamik 2015 English suggestion Click Here
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January 10, 2015

Fake websites published for recruitment of West Bengal Primary TET 2012 | wbresultsnic.in Info

Recently two fake websites published announcing that the merit list of West Bengal Primary TET 2012 examination. Some persons asked for a large amount of money from the unqualified candidates and says them to qualify on West Bengal Primary TET 2012 exam. After giving the money they showed the unqualified candidate's name on that fake websites, which shows the candidates qualifies the examination. This sites are scam. This two sites look like same to the original official website of West Bengal Primary Education Board and West Bengal Official Result site.

This two sites are, 1. www.wbresultnic.in and another is 2. www.wbbpe.net.in. This two sites are scam and fake. After visiting this site candidates get a result link that through which they can check their name as a qualified candidates by putting the Roll Number. West Bengal Board of Primary Education (WBBPE) already published an warning notice on their website informing that, these two websites are totally fake and fraud, this is not recognised by WBBPE. 62 candidates already make F.I.R about this sites and Bidhannager Police also takes step for that. By help of this fake sites some person, make fool to the candidates, who unqualified on West Bengal Primary TET 2012. After putting Roll Number on this site a complete result sheet is showed which is same on viewing from the original.

The original and official websites are, 1. wbresults.nic.in, 2. www.wbbpe.org and 3. wbsed.gov.in. Candidates can check information about West Bengal Primary TET Examination from this official website only and ignore any notice, information or merit list published on any other websites.

You can download the official warring notice about fake websites of recruitment of West Bengal Primary TET 2012, Warning notice by WBBPE. Or you may visit this website, www.wbbpe.org for information about this fake website which make fool the common people and asked for money for their recruitment. share this information so that you can help another people not to become a fool.
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January 08, 2015

National Insurance Company Ltd (NICL) recruits 1000 Assistant Posts | Application Process & Eligibility

National Insurance Company Ltd. (NICL) announced for requirement 1000 vacant posts for assistance class 3 cedar on all over India. Know all the details about this job. How to apply for NICL assistance posts, online application process and eligibility criteria. For NICL assistance requirement know the examination process and many more, keep reading.

Age Limit : The age limit for the post of National Insurance Company Limited assistance must be between 18 years to 28 years as on 30th November, 2014.

Vacancies : Total vacancy for this post is 1000. Vacancy description for the states of East and North India is,

i) West Bengal: 72 (SC-16, ST-4, OBC-16, General-36, PH-2).
ii) Bihar: 35 (SC-6, ST-1, OBC-9, General-19).
iii) Assam: 45 (SC-3, ST-6, OBC-12, General-24).
iv) Jarkhand: 16 (SC-2, ST-4, OBC-2, General-8).
v) Orrisa: 37 (SC-6, ST-8, OBC-4, General-19).
vi) Tripura: 4 (SC-1, ST-1, General-2).
Remaining posts are available for other states. The complete vacancy and reservation for ex-army, physical handicrafts information is available on the official website.

Education Qualification & Eligibility : For applying the assistance post on NICL the candidates must have to passed the graduation degree from any recognised university. Or passed the higher secondary (10+2) examination with some specific qualification. The minimum percentage requires on 10+2 exam is 60% for applying this posts (50% requires for SC, ST and PH candidates). Candidates must have to study English as a subject on HSC or equivalent examination. Knowing the regional language is mandatory, for which state candidate apply. Applicants must have to ful-fill all the qualification criteria within 30th November, 2014.

Examination Type : Candidates are selected through online examination, interview and on computer knowledge. Online examination is common for all the applicants. Successful candidates are called for interview and checking computer knowledge. Total marks for online test is 250. The question pattern for NICL assistance post is, Reasoning, English language, General awareness, Numerical ability & Computer knowledge. Each papers contains 50 marks. Total time for this examination is 2 hours. 35 marks is for Computer Knowledge and 15 marks for Interview.

Exam Centers : In India there are 35 Online examination centres, few of them are ;
West Bengal- Kolkata, Asansol, Siliguri.
Assam- Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Silchar, Jorhat.
Tripura- Agartala.
Bihar- Patna, Bhagalpur, Gaya.
Jarkhand- Ranchi, Jamshedpur.
Orrisa- Bhubanesswar, Berhampur, Cottak, Rourkella.

Online examination centers available on every major city of every states in India.

Application Fees : The application fees for the assistance post of NICL is Rs. 500/- (for SC, ST, PH, Ex-Army and Women candidates the application fees is Rs. 50/-). The application fees must be deposited within 12/01/2015 to 31/01/2015 on the official website of NICL. Candidates can pay their application fees through only Master Card or Visa Debit/Credit Card or Internet Banking.

Application Process : The application for the posts of assistance on NICL examination must be be done through online only. The website through which the application submitted is, www.nationalinsuranceindia.com, the official website of NICL. The online application will start from 12th January, 2015 and till continue to 31st January, 2015. The application process must be done by three steps- Online Registration, Pay the Examination Fees & Photo, Signature upload. A valid e-mail id and mobile number is required for applying the examination. After visiting the website click on 'APPLY ONLINE' link and fill the registration form correctly. Then pay the application fees through online and download the e-receipt copy. Then log in aging and upload the scanned photograph and signature of the candidates. The photo must be in 200x230 pixel and 20-50 kb. The signature must be in 140x60 pixel and within 10-20 kb. The supported format for this scanned photo and signature is jpg or jpag and scanned in 200 dpi.

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December 26, 2014

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2015 | WBBSE Suggestion



1. The Refugees.
2. The Birth of a Seal.
3. The lost child.
4. The Great National Hero.


1. Ring Out.
2. If.
3. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy evening.
4. Wild Bells.


For unseen passage read any English daily newspaper like, The Times of India or Statements etc. Practice test papers for unseen passage.

Grammar & Phrasal Verbs

Practice form text book exercise and from test papers. For grammar section practice the 'Article and Preposition'.

Do as Directed

1. Voice Change.
2. Narration Change.
3. Joining sentence.
4. Use No sooner....than or As soon as or None...but.
5. Omit 'too' or use of So....that or use of Only.
6. Use of Suffix and Prefix.
7. Change the sentence to Negative, Interrogative, Affirmative etc.
8. Changes form simple, complex and compound.

Writing Skill

1. Paragraph Writing

i) Leisure.
ii) Duties of Students.
iii) Value of Time.
iv) Festivals in West Bengal.
v) Use and abuse of mobile phone.
vi) Aim of your life.
vii) The Nobel Prize in India.
2. Letter Writing

i) Irregular clearance of garbage in your locality.
ii) High price rise of daily goods.
iii) Spreading Malaria.
iv) Abuse of plastic bags.
v) Frequent power cuts.
vi) Write a letter to your friend about your aim in life.
vii) Invitation to a friend.
viii) A picnic tour.
ix) Advantages about newspaper.
x) A memorial experience on your life.

3. Report Writing

i) Road Accident.
ii) Train Accident.
iii) Bank Robbery.
iv) Football match.
v) The natural disaster in Uttarakhand.
vi) Powerful bomb blast.

4. Biography

i) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
ii) Swami Vivekananda.
iii) Mother Teresa.
iv) Satyendranath Basu.
v) Raja Rammohan Roy.

5. Others Writings

i) Preparation of Tea.
ii) Mangos Pickle.
iii) Making of Salad.
iv) Preparation of Phenyl.
v) School Magazine.
vi) Education Tour.
vii) Magic Show.
viii) Blood donation camp.
ix) Inter school competition.

This suggestion is made from previous year question papers and this year Test Papers. Its not all of. Read carefully your text book for better result. Just follow this suggestion as a guide or referral.

***Dwnload Madhyamik 2015 History Suggestion Click Here to Download
N.B: Suggestion taken is injurious to examination.
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