India Railways Recruit 18,252 Graduates for various post | Online Application and Admit Card Download

India Railways Recruit 18,252 Graduates for various post | Online Application and Admit Card Download
Get railway jobs easily. Railway Recruitment board published 18,252 vacancies for various posts on Indian Railways. Get all the details info about this job and its eligibility, online application process and download the admit card for Railway recruitment examination.

railway recruitment for graduates

Indian Railway recruitment board recently announced and large number of vacancies for Indian Rail. There are total 18,252 eligible graduate candidates will recruit through a common examination conducted by 21 Railway Recruitment Boards. Examination will be held between March to May,2016. So, one candidates can apply only for one post. The vacant posts and total vacancies are given bellow.

1. Commercial Apprentice. Total vacancy 703.
2. Traffic Apprentice. Total Vacancy 1645.
3. Enquiry cum Reservation Clark. Total vacancy 127.
4. Goods Guard. Total vacancy 7591.
5. Junior Accounts Assistant cum Typeset. Total vacancy 1205.
6. Senior Clark cum Typeset. Total Vacancy 869.
7. Assistant Station Master. Total vacancy 5942.
8. Traffic Assistant. Total vacancy 166.
9. Senior Time keeper. Total vacancy 4.

Education Qualification

For applying any one of all this post candidates must have Graduation degree from any recognised university. For Junior Accounts Assistant cum Typeset, Senior Clark cum Typeset and Senior Time keeper candidates must have knowledge about computer its computer typing.

Age Limit

For all of these posts the minimum and maximum age requirement is 18years and 32 years on or before 1st January,2016. Age relaxation available for SC/ST (5years), OBC (3years) and ex-army. Physically challenged candidates will get 10 years age relaxation. Widow or divorced women will also get 3 years age relaxation.

Medical Standard for Apply.

The medical standard for Traffic Apprentice, Goods Guard, Assistant Station Master and Traffic Assistant is A-2. For ramming post the medical standard is C-1.

After passing the written test a Typing Test will be held only for Junior Accounts Assistant, Senior Clark cum Typeset and Senior Time keeper. For Typing test candidates have type 30 English word or 25 Hindi word per minute. Aptitude Test will be done after passing the written test for Assistant Station Master and Traffic Assistant. Eye testing medical certificate will be required for this two post at the time of aptitude test.

Question Pattern

Questions for Railway Recruitment examination will be Objective type Multiple choice. Questions will come from this subjects, General Awareness, Arithmetic, General Intelligence and Resining. Total number of questions is 100,and each question carries 1 mark. Negative marking for every wrong attempt. Total time allowed is 1 Hour 30 minutes. Question paper will be prepared on English, Hindi, Urdu and other regional languages.


The monthly salary for Commercial Apprentice and Traffic Apprentice is Rs. 9,300 - 34,800/- and Grad pay Rs. 4,200/-. For all other posts the salary is Rs. 5,200 - 20,200/- and Grad pay Rs. 2,800/-.

Online Application Process

For applying any of these post on Railway recruitment board candidates have to apply online only. A list of websites through which candidates can apply are give given bellow. For apply online, at first visit the website and click on New Registration link. Then fill up the all the details information carefully and upload a recent scanned photograph (3.5x3.5 cm) with jpg or jpeg format, scanned with 100dpi and sized must be between 15kb to 40kb. Candidates can select the examination centre and question paper medium at the time of online application.

After fill up all the details you have to pay the examination fees Rs. 100/- through any one of this methods - Online banking, Debit or Credit Card, by challan at any SBI bank branch, by challan at any computerised post office. There is no any examination fees required for Women, SC/ST, Physically challenged, Minority, Candidates with annual family income less than 50,000.

The last date for apply online for all of this posts is 25th January,2016. And the last date of payment through SBI bank branch and Post office is 22th January. After complete the application take a print out of the Acknowledgement Slip for future use. After application if you want to modify your personal data, you can easily visit the website and login by your Registration number and Password. For modify the personal data candidates have to pay Rs. 100/-.

List of Websites for Apply Online

1. Ahmadabad -
2. Ajmer -
3. Allahabad -
4. Bangalore -
5. Bhopal -
6. Bhubaneswar -
7. Bilaspur -
8. Chandigarh -
9. Chennai -
10. Gorakhpur -
11. Guwahati -
12. Jammu-Srinagar -
13. Kolkata -
14. Malda -
15. Mumbai -
16. Muzaffarpur -
17. Patna -
18. Ranchi -
19. Secunderabad -
20. Siliguri -
21. Thiruvananthapuram -

If you have any problem or query please fell free to ask. We will try to help you at our best knowledge. Best of luck for your examination.
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Higher Secondary Biology Suggestion 2016 | WBCHSE Suggestion Download

Higher Secondary Biology Suggestion 2016 | WBCHSE Suggestion Download
West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination 2016 will be started from February, 2016. Get a complete suggestion for West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination 2016 of Biological Sciences. Download the Biology suggestion for HS 2016 exam with important questions. Get Biology suggestion 2016 for Higher Secondary Examination.

wbchse biology suggestion 2016

Here a suggestion for Higher Secondary Biological Sciences examination 2016 is represent. Read carefully the complete suggestion and answer the questions. On the question paper the Group-A and Group-B contains all the short questions. So, for short questions read carefully your text book and practice the test papers.

Group - C

1. What is self-pollination? Write down two features of self pollination followers.
2. What is amniocentesis? Write down its significance.
3. Write down the laws of Heredity by Mendel.
4. Difference between DNA and RNA.
5. What do you mean by protostome and deuterostome ?
6. How AIDS transmitted?
7. Application of eugenics.
8. Discuss in brief the types of natural selection.
9. What is Bio-fertilization? Compare between bio fertilization and chemical fertilization.
10. Examples of pesticides. Causes of increase green house gases.
11. Application of bio technology in short.
12. Define gamma diversity. Causes of reduction of biodiversity.
13. What is biopiracy? Role of vectors in gene therapy.
14. Describe the process of conjugation in short.
15. Causes of Down Syndrome and its two syndrome.
16. Transmission process of malaria.
17. Give two examples of English Breed of queen. What is the composition of honey ?
18. What is SCP? Explain with example.
19. What is use of bioreactor? How is Agrobacterium fumifaciens useful in genetic engineering?
20. What is meant by 'totipotency', 'explant' ? Compare between fishery and piciculture.

Group - D

1. Mention three adaptive features of flower for self fertilization. Write significance of cross fertilization.
2. Describe in brief the physical structure of DNA according to the Watson and Crick model. What are the parts of lac-operon ?
3. What is transcription ? Describe in brief the initiation of transaction.
4. What is carbon cycle? Describe carbon cycle with the help of a flow diagram.
5. Process of fertilisation in human system. Write a note on placenta, pregnancy and embryonic development in human.
6. Define biomagnification and solid waste. Explain green house effect and its dangerous outcome.

Here I only represent the most important questions for Higher Secondary Examination 2016. I strongly advice to you read your text book carefully. If you have any problem please feel free to ask. Click Here for download the Higher Secondary 2016 exam suggestion of other subjects.
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Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2016 | WBCHSE Suggestion download

Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2016 | WBCHSE Suggestion download
Are you searching for Higher Secondary 2016 English suggestion ? Here a complete suggestion of English for H.S 2016. Get a list of suggestive questions, paragraphs and other writing skill. Download H.S 2016 English suggestion.

Here only the questions which carries six marks are mentioned. For short questions read the text carefully. Each question carries 6 marks and answer in about 100 words.

The Eyes Have It

1. Justify the title and the story.
2. Describe the narrator's feeling as the girl got ready to get down.
3. "Can you tell.....short?" - What answer did the speaker get ?
4. "The man reverie" - Who was the reverie? Who broken it and how ?
5. "Then I made a mistake" - What was the mistake? How the girl react?
6. How was the narrator impressed by the girl? How did the narrator try to hide this blindness ?
7. Write your view about ending of this story.

Strong Roots

1. What did Kalam's father say about adversity?
2. What would Kalam's father do daily in the morning ?
3. What was Kalam's father response to his son's query about prayer?
4. Why does Dr. Kalam feel that he had a secure childhood?
5. What picture of communal harmony is presents in 'Strong Roots'?

Thank you Maa'm

1. What did Mrs. Jones do after taking Roger home?
2. Describe the character of Roger.
3. How did the lady in 'Thank you Maa'm' transform the boy into a honest person ?
4. "The boy wanted....'Thank you, ma'ma..." - Who was the boy ? Why did the boy want to say something else to the women ?

Three Questions

1. What are the three questions ? To whom did the questions occur and from whom did he get the answer ? What were the answer given by the hermit ?
2. "Here comes someone running" - What happened to the person spoken off ?
3. How the the enemy of Tsar became his friend ?
4. "You have already been answered" - How had the Tsar been already answered ?

On Killing a Tree

1. How does Patel describe different stages of killing a tree.
2. How does the bleeding tree heal itself ? How to Patel protest against the felling of trees ?
3. How is the resilience of the tree described in the poem.

Asleep in the Valley

1. Write down the summary of the poem.
2. How does Rimbaud describe the valley ?
3. "....His smile / Is like an...guile" - Write down the significance of the comparison.
4. 'Asleep in the valley' is a poem about war- about the futility of war - discuss briefly.

Shall I Compare three to a Summer's Day ?

1. Who are compared in the poem and how ?
2. How does Shakespeare immortalise his friend's beauty?
3. What does the poet want to convey in the concluding couplet of this sonnet ?
4. "Son long lives....three" - What does 'this' refer to ? What does 'this give a life to and how ?

The Poetry of Earth

1. Write down the substance of the poem.
2. How does Keats celebrate the poetry od the earth ?
3. How does a grasshopper keep alive the music of the earth in the summer ?

The Propsal

1. What is the theme of the drama ?
2. Discuss the character of Chubukov.
3. Why did the peasant come to the landlord?
4. Comment on Lomov's soliloquy after Chubukov has left.
5. How does Lomov and Natalya finally get married?
6. Make a brief sketch of social life presented in the play.


1. Do as Direct.
Voice Change, Narration Change, Joining, Split up, Degree Change, Sentences, Clause,

2. Error correction
Practice more from test papers. More you practice more you able to do it easily.

Writing Skill

1. Report Writing
a. Educational Tour
b. Blood donation Camp
c. Annual Exhibition
d. Cleaning drive to fight Dengue
e. Teacher's Day
f. Annual prize giving ceremony
g. Tree plantation programme
h. Teacher's Farewell
i. Bus accident
j. Natural disaster - earthquake

2. Business Letters
a. Enquiry about price of goods
b. Claiming for damaged or defected product
c. Placing order for some goods.
d. Cancelling a order for some goods

3. Editorial Letter
a. Increase corruption in India
b. High Price rise
c. Growing unrest among students
d. Reply for an advertisement published on newspaper
e. Use of plastic bag
f. Harmful chemical in foods item
g. Bad condition of Government Hospital

This is only a outline for Higher Secondary 2016 English suggestion. You are strongly advice to read carefully the complete syllabus. Never depend on any suggestion. For more suggestion of Higher Secondary 2016 examination Click Here. Best of luck for your examination.

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Special Tricks to get Government Job Easily and crack the Examination

Special Tricks to get Government Job Easily and crack the Examination
Are you searching for Government job ? But does not passed the examination. Know all the causes and mistakes you done on the examination. Get some special tips and tricks to get a Government job easily. All the information about interview and written test and its special tricks to crack. Keep reading this article and know the secret to get a government job in your hand.

Nowadays there is too much competition for every government job. And it's quite difficult to get a government job in India without proper depth of knowledge. There are a huge amount of students seat for written examination but a very few candidates passed on it. If passed disqualify on the interview. Here I represent some tricks about, what mistakes usually done on the examinations and how to get a job easily.

1. Read to increase Knowledge

Always when to go for read enjoy it. Fell it, that you read for increase your knowledge bank. Never read only to pass the examination. If you interest on your study you will definitely archive it.

2. Enjoy the Subject

If you really enjoy the subject and if you have interest on it, than you will must crack that examination. Always try to read any topic with full of interest and enjoyment. Never take any subject seriously or only read for the examination, its me be gives you the opposite reaction.

3. Keep your mind Cool

Before the examination night sleep well. Never try to read at a late night before the examination. Keep you mind cool and fix it. Try to talk with relatives, it may fix your mind. Its may help you for a better examination.

4. Read the question paper properly

On every competitive examination there is a trick on the question paper. If you answer any question without proper reading, you may have wrong attempt. So, read the question properly and answer the easiest question first.

5. Never lost your stamina

Never lost your confidence on the time of interview. Always try to keep in a fresh mind. If you lost your stamina you will never do best on the interview. Answer all the question comfortably and shortly. Never show over confident on the time of interview, its may gives you opposite result.

6. Wear Formal dress on that day

On interview day wear formal dress. Men can wear full shirt and trousers. Women can wear sallower or Kurtis. Always chose same light colour dress. Never wear any stylish dress, be smart on that day.

7. Be careful about your Topics

You must have to be careful about the topics for interview and your choices. Read all the details and current information about that topic.

8. Keep a smile on your face

Try to always keep a smile on your fresh on the interview time. Its show that, you are free and stress less. A smile on the face may increase your personality also.

9. Be a positive thinker

A positive mind can win anything. So, always keep a positive thinking on your mind and think that you will do that. Positive thinking also help you to overcome to tension on that day.

WBexam team wish you all the very best for your next government job examination. If you have any query please feel free to ask us, we will try to help you at our best. You may like our fb page WBexam for more update or keep visiting our site.

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WBJEE 2016 Online Application Process, Question Pattern, Result Date and Counselling Info

WBJEE 2016 Online Application Process, Question Pattern, Result Date and Counselling Info
West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE) 2016 will be held on 17th May, 2016. For admission on B.E, B.Tech, B.Arch, B.Pharm of engineering course and on MBBS, BDS of medical course on various Governmental and Private colleges in West Bengal the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board conduct an entrance examination, named WBJEE-2016. Get all details information about WBJEE 2016 examination and its online application process, exam date, new question pattern, eligibility criteria and counselling information. Keep reading this article.

Details information about WBJEE 2016.

Application Process : Application for WBJEE 2016 examination will be done through online on the official website of WBJEE board, Online application will be started from the third week of December,2015 and till continue to second week of January,2016. Candidates have to visit the website and apply for the examination and have to select for which course he/she will seat (for Engineering / for Medical / for both Engineering and Medical). After successfully register candidates get and unique application number and have to create a password for future login. Candidates have to pay the application fees, Rs. 500/- if the candidate will seat for only one examination either Engineering or Medical and Rs. 600/- if the candidate seat for both Medical and Engineering.
Application fees can paid through e-challan of India post and Allahabad Bank or through online payment. After pay the examination fees, candidates have to upload their passport size photo and signature and other documents, like age proof certificate, cast certificate, income and domicile certificate (for TFW only). Take a print out of the application form for further use.

Eligibility Criteria : For apply WBJEE 2016 examination students must have to pass the 10+2 examination from any recognized state or central board with at least 45% marks on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry ( for engineering ) and Biology, Physics and Chemistry ( for Medical ). And candidate must have to passed on the English subject with at least 30% marks.

Admit Card Download : Admit Card for WBJEE 2016 examination will be available before two week of the examination. Candidates can download their WBJEE 2016 admit card / hall ticket from online. The admit card will be available on the official examination portal of WBJEE.

Examination Date : West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination 2016 will be held on 17th May, 2016. Examination will be started from 9:00 a.m. and till continue to 5:30 p.m. At first Biological Sciences (150 marks) 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Then Physics and Chemistry (100 marks) 12:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. After that Mathematics (150 marks) 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Exam Pattern : Students who are only apply for Medical examination can only seat for Biological Sciences and Physics-Chemistry examination. Students with applying only Engineering exam can seat for Physics-Chemistry and Mathematics. All the questions are Multiple choice and answer on an OMR sheet.
The question pattern of the examination is, there are three groups on each question paper. Group 1 contains multiple choice questions with one mark and there will be 0.25 negative marking for each wrong answer. Group 2 contains multiple choice questions with two marks and there will be 0.5 negative marking for each wrong attempt. Group 3 contains questions with two marks and have multiple answers, there are no any negative marking.

Result Date for WBJEE 2016 : Result for West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam 2016 will be published on last week of June,2016 and the counselling process will start from July,2016. Online counselling will be done through the official website of WBJEEB.

For more update details please keep touch with us and you are strongly advice to visit the official website and read the notice carefully before apply online for the WBJEE board examination. If you have any query or doubt please feel free to ask, we will try to help you at our best.

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West Bengal Primary TET 2015 Result Date | WBBPE TET Result Info

West Bengal Primary TET 2015 Result Date | WBBPE TET Result Info
Primary TET 2015 result date

Are you searching for West Bengal Primary TET 2015 examination result date ? Know all the details information about WB Primary TET 2015 result and download its questions papers. West Bengal Board of Primary Education (WBBPE) organised Primary TET 2015 exam on 11th October,2015. Get all details and result date for WBBPE Primary TET 2015 and how to download the question paper.

WB Primary TET 2015 examination conducted by West Bengal Board of Primary Education on 11th October, 2015. For recruitment of teachers on various Primary schools founded by state government, this Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) was held. Students who will qualify this written test will eligible for interview. The total marks of WB Primary TET is 150. The expected cut-off marks for WB Primary TET in between 85 to 100. Candidates who will passed the written test with at lest the cut-off marks are eligible for interview and can download an Acknowledgement certificate for pass the TET exam.

There is no any official date announced for WB Primary TET 2015 examination result. But we may expect that the result for WBBPE TET 2015 will be published within February, 2016. Result will be available on the official website of West Bengal Board of Primary Education, and also available on Candidates are to advice, please avoid any other website to check your result other than this two official websites. Candidates can also download the question paper of WB TET 2015 examination from the official website of the board.

This was the last chance for the non-trained candidates for appearing the Primary TET exam. From the next year, candidates who have D.Ed training, are only eligible for apply TET examination. Candidates who will pass the TET 2015 examination, must have to complete the D.Ed training on between the job. A Primary TET passed certificate will be awarded to the candidates who will pass the TET 2015 exam. By the help of this certificate, they can get priority for next year exam. For know your Primary TET 2015 examination result follow the steps,

1. Visit the official websites, which are, or

2. Click on the Primary TET 2015 exam result link.

3. Enter you roll number and check your result.

4. If you passed, download the acknowledgement certificate or call letter.

Best of luck for all the candidates who appeared year TET examination. If you have any query about the TET result or any other issue, please feel free to ask us, we will try to help you at our beat. Keep visiting our site for more update information about WB TET examination. You may like us on Facebook, Click Here to like us.

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